vrijdag 7 mei 2021

Two new releases for J Wølf

We've been making remixes under the moniker J Wølf for quite some time now. For Lederman & De Meyer (Front 242) for example, and for Radioaktivists and Psy'Aviah as well.

And yes, now we added the Ø-thingy. But that's as useless or meaningless as the Ö in Motörhead. But it looks cooler, doesn't it?

J Wølf brings progressive dance, ranging from deep house tunes to progressive breaks.

Two new releases are now available:

>> Bandcamp
>> Spotify

zaterdag 6 februari 2021

Release update

Dream Cycle Inc. - Particles - WP 016
January 2021

>> Get it on Bandcamp.
>> Listen on Spotify.

Dream Cycle Inc. - Yesteryears' dream - WP 015
January 2021

>> Get it on Bandcamp.
>> Listen on Spotify.

Dream Cycle Inc. - The space between us - WP 014
December 2020

>> Get it on Bandcamp.
>> Listen on Spotify.

Dream Cycle Inc. - Soul Ostendaise - WP 013
November 2020

>> Get it on Bandcamp.
>> Listen on Spotify.

donderdag 5 november 2020

Soul Ostendaise

Thrilled to announce this forthcoming liquid drum & bass EP.

Some tracks are quite soulful, maybe because Augustijn played some Wurlitzer on them. LTJ Bukem fans will just love this!

But the EP is in fact very diverse, with some energetic stuff reminding of early DJ Aphrodite or even some lazy trip hop beats inspired by DJ Shadow!

Out soon! In pre-order on Bandcamp!

zondag 1 november 2020

A majestic tune

Introducing another dub tune!

Think early The Orb or Dreadzone for this one...

>> Get it on Bandcamp.
>> Listen on Spotify.

vrijdag 28 augustus 2020

Dub orbit

Introducing another dub tune.
While the club version merges the uplifting dub sound of Dreadzone with the hypnotic dance sound of early Orbital, the 'slow dub' is just a colourful lazy dub track.

Out now on Bandcamp.

vrijdag 21 augustus 2020

The fields beyond (VIP mixes)

We believe ambient is the ideal basis to build a new drum & bass track.
For this new liquid drum & bass journey, we started from the ambient track 'The fields beyond' but added deep basses and atmospheric jungle beats resulting in a whole new atmospheric adventure.

>> Get it on Bandcamp.