donderdag 29 februari 2024

New pre-order for J Wølf

Progressive house / progressive trance for fans of Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Bedrock, etc.

Pre-order on Bandcamp and get the 'radio edit' immediately.

Full release scheduled for March 13th (Spotify, iTunes, Beatport, etc.).

>> Pre-order on Bandcamp

dinsdag 7 november 2023

J Wølf remix for Oszylayter

Out now: 'Hate this day' by Oszylayter, incl. J Wølf remix.

Andreas is not only a great organizer in setting up Fourscher Festival (Erfurt, Germany), he is also a very good musician and producer. When he is not working on Full Contact69, he does many other things such as this new one by Oszylayter.

>> Order at Bandcamp.

maandag 25 september 2023

zondag 24 september 2023

J Wølf - AU10TIC ft Miss C out now

Who are you?

Who are you when you are not seen? 

Who are you when you are being seen? 

Are you authentic?

AU10TIC is an artistic project at the crossroads of art and fashion that addresses the issue of authenticity, in particular what the challenges there are of expressing yourself as a human being (through clothing or body adornment) in relation to your environment. AU10TIC talks about the importance of authenticity for ourselves and for society as a whole.

Out now on:

>> Spotify

>> Bandcamp

>> Apple Music

etc. and her wonderful crew after performing AU10TIC during the Fashion Week London by ETT Photography.