Dream Cycle Inc.

Dream Cycle Inc.: A Tribute to an Era

To truly grasp Jan's diverse musical preferences, we must delve into his teenage years, a time when he unearthed his second profound passion amidst the haunting melodies of gothic rock and the pulsating beats of dark electro: the realm of adventurous dance music. The 90s unfurled an exhilarating tapestry of sonic exploration, birthing a myriad of dance music genres. Jan found himself captivated by the pioneering spirit of labels like Planet Dog, which wielded immense influence over his musical odyssey. Acts such as Eat Static, Banco De Gaia, Time Shard, and Future Loop Foundation, all stalwarts of the Planet Dog roster, expertly fused elements of dance, trance, dub, ambient, and drum & bass into spellbinding compositions. Jan found solace in the label's seminal compilations, like the transcendent ‘Feed Your Head’ series, which whisked listeners away on psychedelic voyages through ambient-infused dance realms. Another gem in his musical trove was the legendary Dubnology compilation, which further enriched his sonic landscape. It was through these sonic escapades that Jan encountered bands like Dreadzone, opening the door to the mesmerizing world of techno-infused dub, leaving an indelible mark on his musical psyche. As his musical journey unfolded, Future Loop Foundation introduced him to luminaries like LTJ Bukem, igniting his passion for liquid drum & bass. With Dream Cycle Inc., Jan endeavors to revisit and reanimate the very essence of these transformative sounds that have left an indelible imprint on his musical soul.

Meanwhile, Dream Cycle Inc. is happy to be picked up already by the legendary Dreadzone on their radio broadcasts!

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