Jan Dewulf is John Wolf is J Wølf is...

Wølf Productions is his very own territory where he does whatever he feels like doing. No label, no compromises, no rules.

When Jan isn't working on Your Life On Hold or Mildreda, his main projects, he dares to explore other musical realms. While he's deeply immersed in the dark electro, industrial, and gothic scene, Jan is also an enthusiastic fan of ambient, dub, progressive house, and liquid drum & bass. These genres are extensively explored through his various side projects. They are all manifestations of the same restless musical mind.

When not collaborating with a label (e.g. Solar LodgeDependent or Ant-Zen among others), you can find all releases on Bandcamp.

Dream Cycle Inc.: A Tribute to an Era

To understand Jan's eclectic tastes, we need to revisit his teenage years when he discovered his second great love alongside gothic rock and dark electro: adventurous dance music. The 90s were an exciting time with the emergence of various new branches of dance music. Influential labels like Planet Dog played a significant role in shaping Jan's musical journey. Artists such as Eat Static, Banco De Gaia, Time Shard, and Future Loop Foundation, all featured on the Planet Dog label, seamlessly merged dance, trance, dub, ambient, and drum & bass. Jan was particularly drawn to the label's compilations like the ‘Feed Your Head’ series, which offered psychedelic trips through ambient-infused dance landscapes. Another legendary compilation, Dubnology, further enriched Jan's musical palette. These experiences brought him to bands like Dreadzone introducing him to techno-infused dub that would greatly impact his musical taste. Later on, through Future Loop Foundation, he discovered artists like LTJ Bukem, sparking his interest in liquid drum & bass as well. With Dream Cycle Inc., Jan seeks to revisit and reinvent those particular sounds that have shaped him.

J Wølf: Progressive House and Techno

Jan became a fan of DJs like Nick Warren, John Digweed, Sasha, and Paul Oakenfold mainly through the Global Underground series. In the studio, he goes by the name J Wølf when he's exploring the 'progressive house' genre. Occasionally, he also produces 'techno' remixes upon request.